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Leadership Team

Dustin started AGAVE because of his love for both strategic and creative marketing. Since 2018 Agave has worked to help businesses in a variety of ways. From social media marketing to strategic planning to sales growth and training, Agave has positioned itself as a go-to agency in the Charlotte, NC Metro area, and around the US. 


Dustin is an experienced, highly-driven, and energetic marketing leader. He has a talent for developing successful marketing programs both national and global in scale for over 10 years. Before founding AGAVE, Dustin was a senior leader on the marketing teams for multiple Fortune 500 corporations ranging from medical devices to SaaS platforms to real estate brokerages. Dustin is obsessed with developing product knowledge, understanding the complete customer journey, and bridging the gap between sales and marketing. 

Business Development/Executive Coach

Gordon is a high profile, innovative and dynamic business executive with 40+ years of senior leadership experience across broad industries, products, services and technologies. Having launched three technology companies of his own, Gordon serves as a business advisor, CEO and board member for numerous high-tech and high-growth companies. Serving as a business consultant, he uses his years of expertise to provide coaching and advisory services for AGAVE clients.

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